Daily Render Debate

Two blog posts in a day, this must be a new record for us! Just a short one about my thoughts on daily renders. I listened to the Greyscalegorilla Podcast today that discussed the concept of chasing likes versus genuine daily learning. I think it’s an interesting debate that I don’t know the right answer to to be honest, but either way, have a listen and make your own mind up.

We’ve had some discussion about trying to do something along these lines as a company, but we’ve not reached a decision on the approach we’ll adopt yet. The problem with daily renders that I can gather from talking to people, is that sometimes it can be tempting to post recycled things for the sake of it.

That being said, they can be great for providing motivation for creativity and learning something new every day, no matter how big or small. Plus like they mention in the podcast, the sharing aspect, especially when working within these time constraints, creates a sense of accountability.  Whichever approach we go on to adopt, as long as it provides continuous learning, we’ll have achieved our goal anyway.


Abstract particles concept

Amoss Yuzu Particles Motion Graphics Asbtract

It’s been a while since we had chance to write anything on the blog. With that in mind, I thought i’d do a little post about the Amoss – Yuzu particle animation that we released last week; given it was quite a fun self-initiated project that involved learning some new techniques.

It all started a few months ago from looking into importing Cinema4D objects into After Effects and the ways in which these could be interpreted in creative and interesting ways.  From doing a bit of research, the coolest stuff seemed to come from Trapcode Form, which is a plug-in I was already quite familiar with. Having played about a bit with a few different objects, I settled on trying to create something quite abstract using high-poly models from Cinema4D (see below).

Cinema4D 3D animation modelling

This led to a snowball of possibilities, including bringing in animated OBJ sequences to help drive the animation in Form, and by using the After Effects camera with quite severe Depth of Field, it created some really nice looking shots. From here, I thought as cool as it looked, it really needed some context to make it a decent standalone piece.

From a conversation with one of our friends Amoss, they happily let us use one of their tracks to work with. From there, the whole project really took off. Within a couple of days, we’d got to where you see it now in the video and it was great to get a finished animation from what initially started as a simple idea. It was a really interesting project to work through and it’s opened my eyes to the possibilities for future projects. Overall that’s got to be the aim of creating things like this. I had some fun in the process too, so it’s a win-win.

We’ve been a little busy…

Little Motel Motion Graphics Animation Studio Post Production Leeds
…more post production, less blogging.

It’s been a slightly crazy 6 months or so for us here at Little Motel. As well as settling into our new home here at Duke Studios (seriously check out Sheaf St. Cafeteria if you haven’t already!), we’ve been busy on a whole range of Post Production jobs for some pretty awesome clients!  One of our new years resolutions this year is to be more active on the blog, so over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be posting about and showing off some of the films we’ve been working on in the studio recently. Be sure to check back soon for more updates!

We have a new home!

Little Motel Motion Graphics Animation Studio Post Production Leeds

We’ve been a little bit quiet on the blogging front of late, and with good reason too… we’ve been mega busy planning, building, painting and finally moving to a brand new studio based down at Duke Studios on Sheaf Street. For more information about the development, be sure to read this month’s The City Talking, which features a great article about the exciting new Sheaf St. Cafeteria venture, as well as the cool plans they’ve got for the space!

We’re delighted to be calling Sheaf Street our new home and be a part of the Duke family. For us, we think it represents a significant commitment to providing the best possible service we can for our clients.  Its an exciting time here at Little Motel; we’re striving to establish ourselves as the go-to place for bespoke motion graphics and animation in Leeds, and, we strongly believe our new studio will be a big part of that. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be applying the finishing touches to the space and we’ll then be inviting as many people as possible to come and check it out (we like to show off sometimes). In the meantime, check out this teaser video we made to give you a little taste:

LOOPIMAL – worth resetting your password for!

Little Motel Motion Graphics Animation Studio Post Production Leeds

As a rule I rarely buy apps, I like a fee app as much as the next man, but it has to be something I really see a need for before I go through the hassle of trying several times to remember my iTunes password, resetting my password (to something I’ll definitely remember this time) and making a purchase. With that said last week I read Justin Cones quick introductory article on Motionographer.com about the newly launched LOOPIMAL app. Instantly I could feel the cogs grinding in my head, trying their hardest to find of a way of justifying the £2.49 to purchase this app. I loved the illustrations, the animations, the colours, the music and the overall simplicity of what the demo video revealed. Luckily the answer was straight forward, I knew my 3 year old daughter would love it, and she does, probably more than me.

So voila, password reset, app purchased, happy family!

I’d like to think the simple sequencing format may help her cognitive development and just maybe it’ll spark an interest in animation for her going forward, I’d like that! If not, no problem she’s only 3 after all, plenty of time to learn about ‘easy ease’, ‘motion blur’ and ‘expressions’ etc. So, for now at least we have an app we can both play with and enjoy together, and for some time at least I don’t have to sit through that dreadful youtube song about a duck going to a lemonade stand. If you haven’t seen it please don’t go looking if you value your sanity.

So, LOOPIMAL, or more specifically YATATOY well done for creating such a great little app, my daughter and I love it! I’ve since spied MIXIMAL and DRAWNIMAL on your site, so just one thing remains, what the hell is my iTunes password this time!

Adobe CC 2015 Release

As we all start digging into the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 release with great anticipation, it’s worth thinking about keeping your previous versions of CC installed before rushing into the big install. A great article on the Adobe page explains exactly how to do just that and the various benefits that are involved by doing so:

Adobe CC 2015 Release