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25 August 2022


Amy Garrod


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Chloe joined us as part of the government Kickstart Scheme. Find out how she’s found the role since starting earlier this year.

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What does your role as Production Assistant involve?

I began my role at Little Motel in March and currently work three days a week. In that time I have learned so much. A typical day for me can vary a lot depending on what is happening and what projects we are working on. I assist with any production tasks that need doing. This includes piecing together storyboards, uploading schedules, writing for socials, and the challenge of sorting through post-COVID file chaos. It’s fun getting stuck in and the variety keeps things interesting.

How did you get into this field?

I studied Media Production at the University of Lincoln. The course gave me a good feel for different aspects of the creative industry and helped me figure out what interested me the most. In my final year, I specialised in Scriptwriting, writing a drama script for the radio. While at university, I also worked with a Scouts group, teaching media skills to help them get a badge. Once I graduated I got my first role as a university student engagement advisor. The role taught me a lot about managing myself as well as working as a part of a team remotely.

Then I found the Kickstarter role with Little Motel. It’s great to work in a creative place with like-minded people while gaining more experience and knowledge about the industry all while working on interesting projects.

The main advice I’d have for anyone looking to get into this field is do your research. From the companies you like and want to work for, to the people either in roles similar to you or that you want to be in. Being nosey can help you find out what’s working for others.

2d animation motion graphics design studio 3d agency leeds yorkshire manchester

What made you want to work in the creative industry?

I spent my childhood daydreaming, reading and coming up with my own stories, so I always wanted to do something similar as a career. When I was really small my favourite thing was to get out the big waterproof mat and paints to the horror of my mum. It always ended up looking like a paint explosion, with more on me than anywhere. In high school, I ended up choosing triple science, french and history because I was told it was the smart way to get into college. But while studying for exams, I discovered there were more options that interested me much more.


What have you enjoyed doing at Little Motel?

I’ve enjoyed getting stuck in and watching how a full project is made from start to finish. It’s been fun working with the team to bounce around ideas and get involved in the creative process. Looking through Little Motel’s past projects before I joined, I loved the bright and vibrant animations, like this one for Health Education England, so it’s been great to be involved in projects like that.


What do you do in your spare time?

What I do in my spare time changes so often it’s ridiculous, but mostly I enjoy hanging out with my friends, be that shopping, or meeting up at their house to bake, play board games and play with their dogs. I also like playing video games with them and by myself, one of my favourites is Don’t Starve, as I really enjoy the creepy feel and survival aspect. When I’m not hanging out with friends I spend my time chilling and singing to myself.


Sum up working here in 3 words

Interesting, Fresh, Engaging

How about some more updates?

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