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19 December 2022


Amy Garrod


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We spoke to our Co-founder and Creative Director, Leigh, about growing the studio and getting involved in projects day to day.

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What Does your role as Creative Director entail?

My role at Little Motel is pretty varied. I may be meeting with new clients one minute, and animating an exciting project the next. I could be involved in a breakout session with the team discussing a new brief or making a round of drinks for everyone. We are a small team and everyone gets stuck in, at all levels, me included.

How did you get into this field?

I took a pretty typical route into the field. I did an art and design foundation and then got a Bachelor of Science in multimedia tech. Not long after graduating I moved to London, working my way up the ranks from Junior Editor to Director/Editor. After a few years, I went freelance. Then ten years later, I got a job as Head of Post Production back in Leeds. The next step in my career was co-founding Little Motel. We recently turned seven years old and our current team of six is looking forward to what the future holds, building the creativity of the studio and working with many exciting new clients. This is a tough industry to break into, so always show off your best work. Less is more. Be thorough with what you’re sending and make it easy for people to get in contact with you.

2d animation motion graphics design studio 3d agency leeds yorkshire manchester

What do you like most about working in the creative industry?

Being around other creative people is really inspiring, especially watching the team create something from early stages through to fruition. It’s awesome here at Little Motel, watching one of the team go from sketching an initial storyboard to animating something really cool that they’re really proud of, and the client is blown away by.

What has been a highlight while working at Little Motel?

Earlier this year we had the full team in the studio for the first time. Over the last year the team has doubled from three to six, which is really exciting. But knowing where it started makes it even better. Me and Matt working all hours at our kitchen tables respectively. Our new homely studio is just by the river in central Leeds and the rapidly progressing Aire Park. It’s a great spot for the team to come in and enjoy being together to get a real feel for the professional, hard-working team efforts that go into everything here at Little Motel.

What do you do in your spare time?

Hang out with my family. Me and my partner are both one of six, so inevitably there’s rarely a weekend without some extended family involved. I’m a big film fan and whenever possible we love to go to the cinema. We have two awesome independent cinemas within walking distance of our house. Having young children means I rarely miss an animated release and The Mitchells vs. the Machines film was my favourite film of 2021. It has everything: great story, incredible cast and an amazing soundtrack – Los Campesinos, yes please!. It looks fantastic and has enough laughs for the whole family, young and old alike!

Sum up working here in 3 words

Enjoyable, interesting, inspiring.

How about some more updates?

Everybody’s welcome at Little Motel

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