Integrating Lottie animation


23 March 2023


Matt Cochrane


Studio, Updates

They say a website is never finished. And ours is no exception. We’ve been making some tweaks and changes to the Little Motel site to incorporate more Lottie animation.

Introducing our new services page. Full with our beautifully animated brand service icons, all integrated into our site seamlessly using the super efficient Lottie and JSON animations.



We’ve been doing a lot of work recently integrating JSON and Lottie animation for some of our client’s websites. It’s a great way of bringing static brand assets to life in a very user-friendly and efficient way. It offers a lightweight and highly customisable way to add engaging animations and interactions to a web page. As vector animations, Lottie files scale beautifully across devices and resolutions, and they can be easily modified and integrated into web design tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch.

With Lottie animations, we can bring designs to life in a way that is accessible, dynamic, and engaging for users. It allows us to implement a consistent style across multiple channels and take a holistic view of how animation can work across a full brand. We thought it was about time we fully harnessed the power of Lottie on our own website too. We’ve been using custom animations in places, but it was time to take it to another level.

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