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Motel Musings – April 2020

Well, this certainly wasn’t what we were expecting when we were plotting out the year 2020. Like everyone else, Covid-19 means we’re adapting to a new reality. We’re lucky enough to be able to continue our work from our homes. And we’re still busy beavering away at what we know best – animation and motion graphics. The ol’ nine while five is bringing some sense of normality to our lives. 

We’ve just finished some heart-warming new work with Bradford Teaching. Before Covid-19 lockdown, we spoke to young people in Bradford about the ways that their teachers make a difference in their lives. It was also our Birthday this month! Matt made us a sweet animation to celebrate. The other exciting news is our hunt for a new teammate. If you’re interested in joining the Motel, we wrote this article on things we look out for when reviewing potential collaborators.

In this extraordinary time, we’d all like to send our best wishes to everyone out there. A big shoutout to the key workers keeping things going and to the amazing NHS staff for being absolute heroes. In other, seemingly less-important news, here are our musings on how we’re adjusting to life in lockdown.

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england


I really like the outdoors and people. So there’s a lot I don’t like about being stuck in the house. But there is one big plus to working from home. The lunches. With a whole kitchen at my fingertip and more time for cooking, lunches have levelled up. This week, I’ve been enjoying bhajis from Prashad’s Cooking book. If you’re nearby, they’re still open for takeaway (Easter Bank Holiday treat?). Otherwise, they’re doing a #CookingthroughCovid19 series. Check them out for delicious Vegetarian Indian delights.

Like everyone else, I’m spending too much time on News and Social media feeds. But in amongst the doom, innocent have been providing me with a daily pick-me-up full of honesty and humour. They’re not trying to cure Covid-19 or solve the world’s woes, just trying to brighten the day. I know there’s nothing original about raving about innocent’s tone of voice. But if there was ever any doubt, surely this finally crowns them Queens of content. 

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england


So, where to start? If you’d have told me a month ago that I’d be spending most of my spare time creating quizzes, revolving my life around Skype/Hangouts and queueing outside Morrisons for rations of toilet roll; I’m not sure I’d have believed you. It’s been a weird month or so, that’s for sure…

In these uncertain times, I’ve been trying to support all the amazing local businesses that I would usually be going to, whether that’s donating with Laynes, ordering takeout from Manjit’s Kitchen and Grumpy’s Pizza in Farsley , or getting a fruit and veg box from Home Veg Box, which is amazingly donating one box in every eleven to Armley Helping Hands. Also, I feel like i’m drinking a lot more these days with the fridge being handily next to my work desk! That’s been helped by a handy delivery of my favourite Gluten-free beer, ‘Virtuous’, safely delivered by the guys at Kirkstall Brewery. These businesses are all amazing indies who are adapting to life in the time of Covid-19. So yeah, definitely check them out if you get the chance, and consider donating to some local businesses if you can afford.

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england


So homelife has shifted significantly for us all in some way, and we’re all still adjusting. Though the reality is, I am lucky. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a small garden to hang out with my family in. Another big shout out to Kirstall Brewery for their beer deliveries. I’ve also been making the most of the rowing machine in my damp basement so I can exercise daily with the temptation of my beer stash a metre away from my head. My reward surely for working out in such conditions 😉

I have a new second job. Now I’m a part-time Teacher. Our film studies class always has a strong attendance, even the cat joins us occasionally. The Daily Lego Challenge has proved a hit. Our youngest has found my sketchbook and frequently leaves character ideas for me to take inspiration from. Our eldest has been enjoying music and photography. She’s been having some ‘guitar lessons’ from me. Luckily she hasn’t asked anything technical yet, music theory this is not!

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england

We hope everyone is staying home where possible, staying safe, having fun and being kind to one another.

If you have any questions, or feel passionately about something we’ve said,  feel free to get in touch. We’re still around for any animation or motion graphics needs.

Producer and plate-spinner in chief, Amy makes sure that each project runs without a hitch. She loves getting to the bottom of a problem so everyone can make great work that they can be proud of (you included).