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Motel Musings – December 2020

It’s been a busy time here. There’s been a lot going on at Little Motel & in the world, from house-moves and holiday to birthdays. We’re still bustling away working from home- what’s a commute again? We’ve had the pleasure of working on lots of wonderful projects lately. Go and have a nosey at some of our new case studies.

With COVID changing the way people work, we helped the UK Foundation Programme to explain how students can take their situational judgement test remotely. It’s great to demystify a complex process and help students on their way to becoming foundation doctors within the NHS. Find out all about it over here.

We celebrated Halloween with a creepy collaboration with our friends at Unipol. Our spooktacular animation tells the tale of their Housing Code and the ways they take the horror out of house-hunting for students in Leeds and beyond!

Now, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We’re looking forward to lots of eating and drinking and spending time with our families (on Zoom or otherwise..!)

Here’s the lowdown on what’s been keeping us entertained over the last few months.


What’ve you been up to?
Netflix original series Dark has been keeping my brain whirring through Lockdown 2. Wowza. I’m already planning a rewatch. For fans of mind-bending mystery, small-town drama and beautiful German forest scenery. 

What have you been working on?
It’s always a pleasure to work with other local creatives, so I loved working on Unipol’s new Values film with illustrator Megan Dobbyn. It was great to coordinate this tag-team collaboration. The floral film also features one of my other favourite things – houseplants, check it out here.  

What’s inspired you recently?
All the films in this series are a delight. 

Have you done your Christmas shopping?
Absolutely not. I’ll be blaming Royal Mail for everyone’s presents turning up late.

Sketch storyboard frame from the Unipol Values animation with Megan Dobbyn


What’ve you been up to?
Mostly rewatching Friends, again! It’s a never-ending loop from Friends to Seinfeld to Friends etc. Plus, we’ve already started taking on the Christmas flicks, so far Klaus, Christmas Chronicles and Home Alone have already had a viewing. Trees up too, were ready for Christmas at ours!

What have you been working on?
It was great to work with HEE again on their FTSUG project. I had lots of fun playing with colours and forms to create bespoke characters and their environments for this fun animation. It can be tough to find a balance between serious subject matter and playful personalities, but the client was really happy with the finished piece, and we were too.

Whats a piece of work that’s inspired you recently?
This is great! Animator Creating Animation It’s just so much fun to watch, although maybe that’s just coming from an insider’s point of view? It’s so clever and features many nuances within the design and animation.

Have you done your Christmas shopping?
I have…sort of, or at least most of it.

Sketched character development from FTSUG project


What’ve you been up to?
I recently made the life choice of adopting a rescue puppy. It’s been equal parts chaotic and rewarding. Who needs sleep, right?!

What have you been working on?
I spent a big part of last month working on our latest animation for Brake – The Road Safety Charity. It was really great to try something a bit different, integrating Cinema 4D and After Effects. Certain parts were a big learning curve, but I’m really happy we could go that extra mile for a really great cause.

What’s inspired you recently?
I recently watched the Netflix limited-series The Queen’s Gambit. Everything about it was up my street. It was exceptionally made, with the perfect casting and set design. It had everything you need from a good drama, and even a Mindhunter esc. vibe about it. It also has an amazing title sequence, which you can find out more about here.

Have you done your Christmas shopping?
No, I really should get started though…

Using Cinema 4D and After Effects for Brake

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing festive season. Thank you to all the excellent people we’ve worked with this year. We’ll be taking a break from our desks from 23rd December until 4th January. Here’s hoping to see more of your wonderful faces in 2021!

Producer and plate-spinner in chief, Amy makes sure that each project runs without a hitch. She loves getting to the bottom of a problem so everyone can make great work that they can be proud of (you included).