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Motel Musings – February 2020

January seemed to last for at least a year. But we made it, phew! We’ve been tinkering with this very website to create a brand new sparkly section. Come here to take a look behind the top-secret doors of the Motel. You know the doors that you’re always curious about, but not meant to peek through. What could be behind them? Hopefully not just a mop bucket. We’ll also be sharing some of the things we love and things we’ve learnt.

To get things kicked off, welcome to Motel Musings. This is the part where we each get on the soapbox. Our roundup of the things making us shout and holler, for better or worse every month (or so).


It’s safe to say we’re all still swooning about how dreamy ‘Klaus was. But this behind-the-scenes look at how many amazing women were involved in the creation really made me feel all warm and fuzzy. More of this, please! 

Staying with Oscars nominations and animation: have you seen I Lost My Body yet?  I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but ooh wee! ? This beautiful French gem follows a severed hand on a search for its former owner. Really. And somehow it weaves together body-horror with a tender plot about love and loss to create a completely original, wonderful film. It’s on Netflix, and it’s less than 90 minutes. Go watch it. The awesome electronic soundtrack by Dan Levy has been helping me through lots of tender writing this month too.

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england


With all the talk of the Oscars, I got hooked on last year’s Best Animated Feature – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse…again. I loved reading this awesome Art of the Title article  (and honestly too many others to list). I even bought the art book for the film. Yeah, I’m obsessed. 

The thing I love about the film, apart from it’s obvious artistic flare and insane quality, is the amount of R&D time they put into it (2 years for those wondering). They had time to develop their own photoshop brushes, and pretty much rewrite the script on how 2D and 3D animation work together in cinema. Research & Development is often the thing that gets questioned or sacrificed when budgets are squeezed. I hope this film shows what can be achieved with well-used R&D time and emphasises how important it is. If I could, I’d shout it from the rooftops. All whilst swinging between buildings like our masked friend Miles of course.


From the start of 2020 I have been hooked on the Spanish Drama ‘Money Heist’ (Netflix). It’s pretty addictive viewing and just a little bit ridiculous. I have definitely muttered ‘they wouldn’t do that!’ or ‘that would never happen’ on several occasion so far. Plotline aside there is some impressive acting from some Spanish folk I have never heard of but will be looking out for going forward – viva España!

Beyond that, I’m still absolutely, fully obsessed with the Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) podcast, currently trying to make my way through their back catalogue. Which is proving a big task given they release 3 episodes a week! Check it out and learn some stuff with Josh and Chuck (love Chuck! OK and Josh. Just not as much as Chuck…soz Josh).

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