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Bradford Teaching – My Teacher

Teachers in Bradford make a huge difference in students’ lives every day. Our animation campaign for Bradford Teaching brings insight from these students. Filming interviews with young people, we asked them what makes their teachers extraordinary.

We teamed up with The Specialists to deliver this campaign for future teachers across the UK. The film gives a glimpse into the fantastic students and wide-ranging opportunities in schools across Bradford. In the first week, it received over 15,000 views across Bradford Teaching’s social channels.

To help the students feel at ease, and not take up their time, filming took place at their schools. That meant we could let their character shine through. Rather than a structured interview, our team kept the conversation natural and informal. We chatted about their hobbies and favourite subjects before talking about the things that make their teachers great.

We used a green screen background during the filming so we could add bright sketched graphics in post-production. The hand-written typography illustrates key words from the interviews. And doodled animations support the interview content.

In the edit, we used quick cuts to show the breadth of personalities and all the ways teachers have helped their students. We included light-hearted, funny answers, balanced with emotive stories, where students reflect on the impact their teacher has had on them.

It was heart-warming to give students a platform to say ‘thank you’ to their teachers and spread some joy in Bradford’s teacher community. Take a look at another campaign we created for Bradford Teaching here

The Specialists
What we did:
Creative Direction, Editing, Directing, Production, 2D Animation, Design, Illustration

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animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england