Celebrating Bradford Teachers
during the Pandemic

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Bradford Teaching – Making a Difference

The pandemic gave many people a new appreciation for the unsung keyworkers in their lives. Continuing our ongoing collaborations with Bradford for Teaching (BfT), this recruitment animation shines a light on the fantastic role that teachers play in their communities.

Launched at the Bradford Education Awards, the film celebrates how teachers have been more than just teachers. Not just for their students but also the families and their community. The primary audience is both existing and prospective teachers in Bradford. Based on their audience research, BfT knew that this values-led messaging resonated best. And so we put teachers making a difference front and centre of the film.

To reflect on the challenges and changes of 2020, we interviewed four teachers about their experiences and the emotional rollercoaster of the year. First, chatting informally over Zoom, we recorded our conversations. Then the team created a personal and authentic voiceover from this first-hand testimony.

The team edited the recorded audio of each interview based on key themes to build one cohesive, heartfelt narrative. The topics varied from pulling together to challenges of remote learning.

Created during the 2021 national lockdown, we didn’t let these limitations get in the way of our creativity. Developing a characterful, mature animation style, we illustrated the teachers’ lockdown stories. The abstract approach also helped us visualise the sensitive aspects of teaching, such as speaking to students about their home life and dropping off food packages to families.

The visuals start with a video chat interface to set up the film and set it in this particular period. It also helped to contextualise the varying sound quality of the teachers’ recordings. We designed and illustrated characters based on the actual teachers to bring their real-life experiences to life and centre the film. This included the style of the houses and the diversity of the communities, which both reflected Bradford.

Finally, to bring a further sprinkling of authenticity, we added sound effects to bring the audience into the scenes with the characters. These real-life sounds centre the film in reality and evoke emotion. For example, the bustling classroom background noise fading to silence.

Overall, the film focuses on the incredible resilience of the teaching community and the learnings from this time. The film received fantastic feedback from viewers. Further afield, it was also shared by the nationwide government teaching recruitment campaign, Get into Teaching.

What we did:
Creative Development, 2D Animation, Character Animation, Design, Illustration, Sound Edit & Mix

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animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england