Online explainer animation helps
debunk taking assessments from home.

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england

Situational Judgement Test

For medical graduates, applying to the Foundation Programme isn’t just about getting the grades. The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) assesses how they would react in certain situations, testing their communication skills and how they cope under pressure. 

UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) asked us to produce this short explainer animation for students applying to the Foundation Programme. It explains what the SJT is. As well as how to take the test at home, rather than at an assessment centre. 

So far, it’s been watched by over 5,000 graduates, helping them navigate this part of their journey to becoming doctors within the NHS.

We developed a script that quickly flags up some important considerations for students thinking about taking the test at home. The call to action encouraged the audience to find out more about the SJT and decide if remote testing was right for them.  

The team needed the explainer animation in a four-week turnaround, ready for the test application date, so we kept the designs minimal. But this clean style also helped illustrate content in a clear and approachable way. We used UKFPO’s brand colours and logo elements so that the brand is recognisable. 

UKFPO shared the animation across their social feeds and website for medical graduates who are applying to the programme this year.

With over 5,000 views by graduates nationwide, the team were thrilled with our ability to turn this valuable resource around for them to share so quickly!

animation motion graphics film design studio leeds yorkshire north england
What we did:
Creative Development, Scripting, 2D Animation, Design, Illustration
Project Link:
UKFPO Website