Dock St. Brewery


Raising the bar for local breweries.

We love our local independent breweries at Little Motel – so what better way to showcase our own crafts than by creating something for our own fictional brewery.

Like all brands, breweries can harness the power of motion. It’s not just about giving your artwork some extra ‘hop’, it’s about grabbing your customers’ attention, increasing conversions, and leaving a lasting impression.

More website visits. More brand love. More sales. That’s the power of motion.


New beers on the block.

Taking influence from all the inspirational beer branding around our Leeds studio, we distilled a homebrew brief into a crisp, creative concept. Introducing Dock Street Brewery (DST).

Our passionate designers kicked off our campaign by creating some brilliant beer branding. And then our amazing animators added an extra dimension to show off our imaginary brewery’s full range of beers with a sharp 15-second ad. Perfect for socials.

It only took one piece of strong branding to create dozens of deliverables. And then we were ready for some mock multi-channel marketing.

93% of brands
gained a new customer because of a video on social media.

(Animoto, 2020)


Brewing up a storm on social media.

Our vibrant standalone animations included snappy cut-downs. Perfect for using on Instagram stories and YouTube pre-rolls – again and again and again.

And unlike photography or filming, we aren’t limited by frame size. So no matter the screen size or dimensions, we can adapt the visuals to create eye-catching out-of-home advertising.

As a boutique motion and animation studio, we’re all about independent spirit. You can trust our animation specialists to set your brand in motion, create unforgettable content that helps you stand out from the competition, and maximise your return on investment.

We’ll leave the brewing to the experts though…

66% of consumers
find short-form video the most engaging type of in-feed social content.

(Tubular Insights)


Everybody’s welcome at Little Motel

At the heart of our boutique motion and animation studio is a passion to connect and understand our clients. We’re a small team of dynamic and skilled people delivering campaign changing outcomes. Working together, the partnerships we forge with our clients are effective and long-term.

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