St. George’s Crypt

Name of project

Pathways explainer


Potential donors and fundraisers across Leeds and Yorkshire

What we did

Project management, scripting, research & concept development, visual development, design & animation


2-minute animation, a series of short trailers, illustrations for the website and wider campaign, logo animation


Visual style and website: Few & Far
Voiceover: Ramon de Juan


Sharing the Crypt’s care pathway for the Homeless in Leeds.


The problem

St. George’s Crypt is an iconic Leeds-based charity that supports the homeless and vulnerable across the city. Their team asked us to help explain all the services that make up their client pathway since their donors often don’t realise the charity is much more than just a soup kitchen. The explainer animation needed to succinctly explain all the ways they provide people with hope, support, life skills and career opportunities.


Our solution

We developed a campaign that brings to life a person’s journey from chaos to citizenship. Our 2-minute pathway animation shows the ways their clients progress along the pathway. With minimal characters, we clearly illustrate each service, while helping increase empathy with the audience. The film was launched during a fundraising event and complements an in-depth interactive website created by our studio neighbours, Few & Far.


A holistic approach.

We developed the visual style with the web and branding team, Few and Far that builds on the Crypt’s brand guidelines. This included sharing illustrations between our projects for a completely cohesive style. Our designs were localised to Leeds, with local references in the background elements as well as a regional voiceover.

To deliver maximum return on investment, we considered how the Crypt could reuse as much as possible across their communications to support the amazing work they do. Alongside the main film, we created short snippets for social media that illustrate each key touch point. The logo animation is now used across all their films and our illustrations are used across print, digital and social media, for extra brand consistency.

Little Motel worked closely with us to develop a creative concept that captured our brand and effectively communicated our message, and we’re delighted by the positive response our animated content has received.
— Bhekisipho Siwawa Marketing Executive St. George’s Crypt

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