Our ESG Statement

A summary of our environmental policy

We’re always striving to do business the right way. Building a supportive workplace full of happy people, while making a positive impact on the communities and planet around us. It’s at the core of all we do. That’s why we measure our success against our social and environmental performance. And we love working with people who feel the same way.

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Building a responsible business is a core value of Little Motel. This means understanding the impact on our people, the communities we operate in, and the global environment. We believe our business success shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet or our team. So, we’ve partnered with leading organisations to help us make sure we’re doing things the right way. They hold us to account, helping us understand and monitor how we operate.

We’re passionate about creating an inclusive place where people flourish both inside and outside of the studio. To help guide us, we’re Good Business Charter accredited and a Mindful Employer. We value a healthy work-life balance, so when we’re at work we can produce the best stuff possible. And we support and celebrate the team’s development through structured training and collaborative studio projects.

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability to our clients, suppliers and peers. We officially offset our carbon with Ecologi and as members of SAIL – Sustainable Arts In Leeds, we collaborate with the wider creative community to combat the climate emergency.

We also demonstrate our commitment to prompt payment by being a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code. This means we’re committed to paying suppliers or partners promptly and within the agreed payment terms.

Building on our renewable energy supplier, Octopus, we also carry out our banking with Starling bank. They believe good business and ethics go hand in hand. As a financial institution, they better reflect our personal ethics and business goals. They are committed to pursuing ecological sustainability and combating climate change, as well as gender equality and inclusivity.