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2 February 2023


Matt Cochrane


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Our Junior Animator, Kris talks us through the creative process and how he got started in animation.

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What does being a Junior Animator involve?

It’s a wide-ranging role, from sketches to storyboarding and animating in After Effects. My days depends on which stage the project I’m working on is at. This calls for some amount of flexibility, juggling a few different projects at once, but also keeps things interesting.

My favourite aspect of my role is the self-expression all these processes allow. Each part of the process has its own charm and a different type of creative freedom on the way to a finished animation.

How did you get into this field?

I studied 2D animation and stop-motion at the University of South Wales. But I developed a lot of software skills by myself while at university. During my third year, I was able to do a couple of internships and eventually that led me to my first job as a junior animator in Cardiff.

I then applied for this role with Little Motel and joined the team. I actually started the job while I was still living in Cardiff as we were all working from home due to the pandemic. Starting a new job remotely had some unique challenges. Things like transporting the necessary equipment and training were not as straightforward as expected. With the support of my team, however, we managed to address those challenges quickly and enjoy the benefits of working from home more effectively. I’ve since made the move over to Leeds and started working from the office a few days a week. It’s been great finally grabbing a drink and getting to know my not-so-new teammates!

If I had to give a piece of advice for someone starting out, it’d be to not feel discouraged and accept the opportunities you get to join the industry. I experienced first-hand just how hard it is to find your first job but can confirm it gets easier and finding my next role here was a far smoother ride.

2d animation motion graphics design studio 3d agency leeds yorkshire manchester

What do you like most about working in the creative industry?

Coming up with new and original ideas whilst also following a client’s brief is no easy task! But overcoming these challenges helps you grow both personally and artistically. I love finding new ways of approaching a project no matter whether commercial or personal. And with each new brief, I’m getting better at communicating my ideas more easily.

What has been a highlight while working at Little Motel?

I think one of the highlights has been the Christmas project I worked on for the end of 2021. It’s a stunner and taught me a lot about the software and plugins we use daily. Working with the rest of the team is also a great pleasure and taught me a lot. I don’t think I would be able to grow as fast were I by myself.


What do you do in your spare time?

I have quite a few hobbies but I try to juggle them to keep things interesting. I love playing video games and watching Japanese anime series. They’re so inspiring! I also enjoy working on personal illustrations to post on my Instagram- some of them fan art, some are original stuff. Last but not least I like grabbing coffee somewhere and just reading or drawing surrounded by others. Now we’re back in the office, I love doodling in Kapow over my lunch break. 


Sum up working here in 3 words

Inspiring, Flexible, Enjoyable

How about some more updates?

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