Becoming a member of SAIL


21 August 2021


Matt Cochrane


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We are thrilled to announce that we are now a member of SAIL – Sustainable Arts In Leeds.

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As a Leeds animation studio, we’re really looking forward to working with other organisations and people in the Leeds creative and cultural community. Together, we can share ideas, new approaches and best practices to combat climate change and respond to the global Climate Emergency.

SAIL is a network of lots of amazing businesses that want to reduce their impact on the planet. By working collaboratively, they aim to create a zero-carbon/zero-waste future for the cultural and creative industries of Leeds.

This is just one of the things we’re currently doing to make a positive impact on our planet, people and communities. Find out more in our recent post about how we’re focussing on sustainability.

If you have any questions about our sustainability journey or want to find out how we can help you communicate your sustainability journey, get in touch today.

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